Client Feedback

Angie has been a tremendous asset and contributor to the Iconica team for over 15 years! I recently engaged Milestones to assist in recruitment for a new position. Angie really helped in clearly defining what our need was and then crafting job postings that attracted a very talented group. We were fortunate to find a perfect fit for our requirements. Milestones saved us countless hours by streamlining the hiring process. I look forward to my next engagement with Milestones!
— Jim Pientka, President and CEO, Iconica
Angie has been a great HR resource. I have used her expertise often when approached by new companies to the region that have questions and need help on human capital issues. She is always helpful, insightful, and very trustworthy.
— Michael P. Gay, CEcD, Sr. Vice President of Economic Development Madison Region Economic Partnership (MadREP)
Hiring Angie Addison to manage our Human Resource department has had a positive impact on the success of our company. She is a gifted individual who has helped us manage our staff, refine our HR policies, and recruit talent who are well matched to our needs. She deeply understands our company culture and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her both as a professional and as a person. I trust her experience and advice and we do not make any major HR decision without her wise council.
— Kathleen Marsh, CEO & Co-Founder Musicnotes, Inc.
Professionally, I have worked side by side with Angie in mutual client situations where she brought a great deal of value. She is one of the few HR professionals that can dissect issues, get to the root cause and put it back together in a way that makes sense for the business. I have seen her work through various complex issues from rapid company growth to “right sizing.” She is a strategic thinker who outlines all of the “what ifs” and puts together plans which gives owners a peace of mind. She delivers value to businesses with both her expertise and heart-she takes tough decisions personally and puts the business in front of herself. I trust Angie’s business and human resources judgment in any situation a business owner could encounter. She is a true HR generalist (benefits, hiring, employee relations and more) and a strategic business partner.
— Nathan Brinkman, CFBS, President Triumph Wealth Management, LLC
Angie helped me build job descriptions that focused on outcomes instead of tasks, which aligned my employees to actively contribute to the business’s success. She then took those descriptions and created performance appraisals that focus on metrics which impact the business. My team is clear on how their job results affect our client’s satisfaction and the business holistically. In addition, Angie participates in on our performance appraisals to help foster conversation, set goals, and improve our overall work practices & culture. I’d highly recommend Angie’s services to any business owner.
— Anne Pientka, RN, BSN, Owner Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Therapy
Angie has worked with our company since 2014 providing HR consulting services. She initially conducted an audit of our existing procedures and documentation and helped ensure we were on track. Since her initial work she has helped our company handle benefits, recruiting, compliance and other HR duties. In addition, she provided training for our staff on interviewing procedures and questions. We found Angie to be very knowledgeable and hardworking, and she interacted well with our staff. She helped our company transition from a staff of 40 professionals to a large employer with a staff exceeding 50 across multiple offices.
— Ken Baumgardt, P.E., President & Co-Founder Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Angie has been a huge asset to our company. A highly motivated individual that is professional yet down to earth. I believe all of our employees feel she is easily approachable and truly cares about them from a personal and professional perspective.
— Andrew Bradley, Partner Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc.
I have worked with Angie for almost ten years; during which I have always watched her demonstrate a “can do” attitude. Every project that Angie takes on is approached with a blend of enthusiasm and tenacity that has consistently proven effective in producing results. When addressing employees or coaching managers on how to address their reports, Angie has a unique ability to identify the behaviors and/or issues that need to be addressed and can effectively establish what improvements are needed. Angie has a thorough understanding of the laws, rules, regulations, and best practices as it relates to Human Resources and Benefits Administration. Angie has the answer when asked the what’s and how’s of her discipline. On the rare occasion that she doesn’t know the answer, she will quickly find the answer through her network of resources. Angie benefits all organizations she works with and provides value that extends to employees, managers, and the business itself.
— Aaron Gibbons, President K&M Concrete
Angie was an invaluable asset in our search for a new manager of human resources for Iconica. She helped us drill down on our exact needs and then crafted that image into a job posting. She saved hours of our time by reviewing resumes and then pre-screening candidates. She then provided a succinct summary for those she suggested for interviews. I would recommend Milestones to any firm needing assistance in hiring.
— Kathy Pientka, Operations Manager, Iconica