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Milestones HR, LLC is a business-minded, people-focused Human Resources consulting service.  We offer Human Resources consulting and Talent Acquisition expertise to small and medium companies at various milestones in their progression including start up, growth, constriction, and transition.  We believe in meeting our clients where they are, linking arms with them, and helping them move forward.


our single core value:

do the right Thing.


How Milestones HR will help your business succeed


Recruiting talent That amplifies your company’s culture and goals

Understanding your company’s unique culture, Milestones moves beyond the job posting to proactively recruit the best talent.

A workspace that inspires

Unique personalities layer a work place with a vibrant atmosphere; Milestones turns that into professional engagement and inspiration.

A path to success

With directed goals and strategies Milestones keeps the road to your company's success free of obstacles.

Better bottom line results

Milestones will help you avoid unnecessary costs associated with maintaining a happy workforce, meaning a better bottom line.


The Milestones HR Team

Angie Addison, PHR, SHRM-CP

Angie Addison, PHR, SHRM-CP

I am a results-focused consultant who enjoys all aspects of Human Resources and the value that solid practices can bring to both individuals and companies collectively. I offer Human Resources Generalist services to companies who need Human Resources expertise but do not require a full time Human Resources presence.

I enjoy working with small- to medium-sized businesses. I have been fortunate to work in both a Human Resources and an Operations capacity allowing me to become familiar with the inner workings of a company. I use this knowledge to partner with business leaders on how to best integrate Human Resources as a contributing function of the business.

I offer various solutions including serving as an on-site human resources generalist in a short- or long-term capacity, complementing existing Human Resources teams with project work, and/or setting up an HR function and then training existing employees to maintain it.

I've led the Human Resources function from setting up a Human Resources department from scratch to improving an existing function. The results of my work have included:

  • Creating highly functional, mission-focused Human Resources systems & processes.
  • Managing organizational structure through rapid growth or constriction for various disciplines.
  • Partnering with company leaders to implement recruitment strategies reducing the hire time for needed talent and building a future candidate pool.
  • Securing the right hires by identifying candidate profiles, recruiting, conducting behavioral interviewing, candidate selection, background & reference checking.
  • Creating and onboarding new hires to increase the new employee's ability to acclimate and contribute to the company's goals.
  • Designing and implementing real time, results-focused performance appraisal and development programs.
  • Securing and aligning benefit offerings (health, dental, life, disability, 401(k), Vacation/PTO, etc.) with demographic needs of employees, company size, industry and budget.
  • Designing and implementing Wellness Programs resulting in utilization awareness and shifting cultural focus.

Professionally, I believe that Human Resources done well can add significant bench strength and contribute to business outcomes. I partner with my clients by linking arms with them and becoming a part of their team and culture. I hold certifications as a SHRM-CP (Society of Human Resources Management – Certified Professional) and PHR (Professional Human Resources). In addition to being a Member of the National Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), I am a former Board Member for the Greater Madison Area Society for Human Resources Management (GMA SHRM). 

Personally, I am avid nature lover!  I enjoy the beauty and peace nature has to offer via kayak, hiking, boating, and gardening whether it is solo or with my family. I grew up in Lancaster, WI and attended college at UW-Platteville (go Pioneers!) While I have a fondness for Dilbert comics depicting the evil HR Director Catbert and HR cringing scenes from The Office, I am none of those characters.

Matt Duffy

Matt Duffy

The best retention strategy starts with a great recruiting strategy.

For 20 years I’ve worked in the field of Talent Acquisition. Throughout my career I’ve interviewed thousands of candidates and have helped hundreds of organizations hire employees of all levels (executive, professional, administrative, etc.). I enjoy working with organizations on creating specific recruiting strategies to find talent that aligns with their business and culture. I understand the importance of finding the right “fit” – aligning skills, experience, and the candidate’s intrinsic and extrinsic motivators with the organizations need(s).

I offer various talent acquisition strategies including formulating a compelling job profile/posting, candidate pipeline development, competitive research, candidate profiling, interviewing, pre-hire assessments, background checks and references. I work with organizations seeking to fill specific roles as well as building out recruiting plans for forecasted hires.

I’m a strong proponent of leveraging technology in the recruiting process – I have experience with multiple applicant tracking systems and leverage numerous existing and emerging recruiting tools/resources. However, I’ve also seen technology inhibit the human side of hiring, resulting in a poor hiring process and damaging the candidate experience – and ultimately the organization's brand. I understand the importance of focus, communication, and follow through when engaging potential employees.

In addition to leading the recruiting practice for Milestones HR, I am the President of Wisconsin Recruiters, the premier networking and professional development organization for Human Resources and Talent Acquisition professionals throughout Wisconsin. I also sit on the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement Dane County and am on the planning committee for Food for Kidz, a local non-profit that has packaged and distributed over 2 million meals worldwide since its inception in 2006.

I was born in Connecticut, grew up in Massachusetts and Minnesota, and lived in Colorado for several years before moving to Madison in 2000.  My family’s love of Wisconsin Badger basketball has cemented WI as our forever home.


Human Resources Solutions for Your Business

Our Services and Your Business Outcomes


HR Infrastructure and Strategy

Is Human Resources your necessary evil? Let's make it a functional and vital need in your business! Align the Human Resources function to work towards your company's short and long term goals. Create efficiency to reduce administrative costs.




Formulate a compelling job profile/posting, understand who the top talent is in your industry, proactively develop a candidate pipeline based on your changing workforce, leverage behavioral based interviewing techniques; and utilize applicable pre-hire assessments to secure the best talent to drive your business forward.



Employee Relations and Investigative Support

Let's make sure your employees look forward to Mondays! Solve employee dissatisfaction to increase employee contributions.



Performance Management and Employee Coaching

Are you getting 5+ years of experience or the same experience for 5+ years in a row? Link employee contributions to your company's success while growing employee knowledge, skills, and abilities.



Compensation & Benefits

Are you meeting your employee's "Maslow's hierarchy of needs"? Ensure that your employees are rewarded in a way that meets their needs and retains their interest in working for your company.



HR Audits, Policy & Procedure, and Legal Compliance

What keeps you awake at night or always on edge? Identify and address liability areas to mitigate legal costs.



WHy Choose Milestones

Why is Human Resources important to your business?


Getting & keeping the right people.

If you are a small to medium size business, there is a good chance that your employees wear several different hats. The cross functional duties that employees do, how they do it, the knowledge they use, and how it affects your customers, all contribute to fulfilling your vision for the company and delivering on your company's promise. When a valuable employee leaves there is a ripple effect. Having a Human Resources professional on your team allows you to attract, screen, hire, and retain your talent.


Creating a workspace that engages and inspires.

People are comprised of various personalities, backgrounds, cultures, experiences, work styles, and perspectives. A Human Resources professional can help channel those unique qualities to reinforce a productive and resolution focused approach. Also important is identifying areas of strife and addressing relationship issues so that your employees can focus on doing their best work.


Focusing employees on results that contribute to the business's success.

By default, we want to quantify many aspects of work. Often times, the performance aspects we analyze are unclear or don't truly contribute to the business's success. A Human Resources professional can help you identify, measure, and coach for work results that impact the business's outcomes and further develop your employees' talent.


Minimizing costs to improve your bottom line.

Partnering with a Human Resources professional allows you to curb costs through negotiating better benefit rates, ensuring fair employee compensation, and avoiding simple mistakes that lead to litigation.



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Client Feedback

Hiring Angie Addison to manage our Human Resource department has had a positive impact on the success of our company. She is a gifted individual who has helped us manage our staff, refine our HR policies, and recruit talent who are well matched to our needs. She deeply understands our company culture and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her both as a professional and as a person. I trust her experience and advice and we do not make any major HR decision without her wise council.
— Kathleen Marsh, CEO & Co-Founder Musicnotes, Inc.
Professionally, I have worked side by side with Angie in mutual client situations where she brought a great deal of value. She is one of the few HR professionals that can dissect issues, get to the root cause and put it back together in a way that makes sense for the business. I have seen her work through various complex issues from rapid company growth to “right sizing.” She is a strategic thinker who outlines all of the “what ifs” and puts together plans which gives owners a peace of mind. She delivers value to businesses with both her expertise and heart-she takes tough decisions personally and puts the business in front of herself. I trust Angie’s business and human resources judgment in any situation a business owner could encounter. She is a true HR generalist (benefits, hiring, employee relations and more) and a strategic business partner.
— Nathan Brinkman, CFBS, President Triumph Wealth Management, LLC
Angie helped me build job descriptions that focused on outcomes instead of tasks, which aligned my employees to actively contribute to the business’s success. She then took those descriptions and created performance appraisals that focus on metrics which impact the business. My team is clear on how their job results affect our client’s satisfaction and the business holistically. In addition, Angie participates in on our performance appraisals to help foster conversation, set goals, and improve our overall work practices & culture. I’d highly recommend Angie’s services to any business owner.
— Anne Pientka, RN, BSN, Owner Radiance Skin Therapy & Laser Therapy
Angie has worked with our company since 2014 providing HR consulting services. She initially conducted an audit of our existing procedures and documentation and helped ensure we were on track. Since her initial work she has helped our company handle benefits, recruiting, compliance and other HR duties. In addition, she provided training for our staff on interviewing procedures and questions. We found Angie to be very knowledgeable and hardworking, and she interacted well with our staff. She helped our company transition from a staff of 40 professionals to a large employer with a staff exceeding 50 across multiple offices.
— Ken Baumgardt, P.E., President & Co-Founder Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Angie has been a huge asset to our company. A highly motivated individual that is professional yet down to earth. I believe all of our employees feel she is easily approachable and truly cares about them from a personal and professional perspective.
— Andrew Bradley, Partner Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc.
I have worked with Angie for almost ten years; during which I have always watched her demonstrate a “can do” attitude. Every project that Angie takes on is approached with a blend of enthusiasm and tenacity that has consistently proven effective in producing results. When addressing employees or coaching managers on how to address their reports, Angie has a unique ability to identify the behaviors and/or issues that need to be addressed and can effectively establish what improvements are needed. Angie has a thorough understanding of the laws, rules, regulations, and best practices as it relates to Human Resources and Benefits Administration. Angie has the answer when asked the what’s and how’s of her discipline. On the rare occasion that she doesn’t know the answer, she will quickly find the answer through her network of resources. Angie benefits all organizations she works with and provides value that extends to employees, managers, and the business itself.
— Aaron Gibbons, President K&M Concrete

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